Ulla West – Rolling Stones

DKTUS is pleased to present Rolling Stones, a one-person exhibition of works by Ulla West.
In a move consistent with DKTUS experimental programme Ulla West’s site-specific installation
refers to sculpture as an operative tool and elicits themes of chance, mutability and interaction in
context. Coinciding with the release of Ulla West’s new book Den Obönhörlige (The Inexorable)
the exhibition at DKTUS will work as a live enactment of the ongoing status of a particular process,
where a series of individual works are constantly shifting constellations and meanings. In the
darkness of DKTUS underground gallery space West enters her work as an irresolute gesture;
Rolling Stones suggest a possible beginning and a movement towards the uncertain.

Opening: 6-9pm April 28nd;
By appointment until May 15th.



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