Tobias Sjöberg – REVOLUTIONER (1-2-3)

Tobias Sjöberg

4th-6th Nov 2010

Revolutioner 1-2-3, an exhibition in three parts, is curated by Nathalie  Åhbeck in collaboration with Tobias Sjöberg. The exhibition revolves around three films that will be shown individually for three consecutive days at DKTUS. Taking as its point of departure a reality which is at once allegorical and a dystopic replica of an everyday divested of a sense of urgency, the film presents the dissolution of dramatic and structural conventions according to precepts in popular culture, film and theatre. In three accounts, evocative of a tv-commercial, reality-tv series or melodrama Revolutioner reveals a world of uncertainties; prosaic scenarios inhabited by crude and inarticulate actors self-consciously acting in front of the camera. The slow and the uneventful recounts render an idealised and predetermined ready-made world and without language’s propensity for assurance we are left alone to piece together a narrative based on our own expectations, ideological assumptions and modes of identification.

Tobias Sjöbergs films exhibit a kind of incredible and preposterous dimension, both in pushing the form to an extreme level of stylization, and in that generally harrowing forms of behaviour are not given psychological motivation owing to a subdued and consistent feeling of apathy:

Revolutioner to me is in someway an idealised advertisement, or why not some kind of porn, performed in a free zone, a holiday resort in the midst of a luxury problem (all-inclusive). Here you have all you need and nothing else to concern yourself with other than your needs, everything is there for you, right here, produced close to you, perhaps in you, by you, with your consent; this world is too good to be true, isn’t it?
Tobias Sjöberg

Tobias Sjöberg was born in 1979 and lives and works in Stockholm. He graduated from Goldsmiths college in 2005 and has since participated in numerous exhibitions both in Sweden and abroad. For the exhibition at DKTUS Revolutioner (1-2-3) is presented in a new constallation, shown for the first time in its entirety, the film is presented in three parts each being screened for one day between the 4th – 6th November. The project has been produced in collaboration with Färgfabriken Norr where the first part of the project was shown early in October this year.

Opening reception: 4th Nov 18.00-20.30 (screening part 1)
Open: 5th Nov 12.00-15.00 (screening part 2)
& 6th Nov 12.00-15.00 (screening part 3)

With the support of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee


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