Per Hüttner – The Quantum Police

Per Hüttner in collaboration with Jean-Louis Huhta

Saturday 4 December kl 19

There is an invisible and little known force amongst us called ‘The Quantum Police’. They operate internationally and assimilate unnoticed into civilian communities. Their actions strive toward renegotiating the relationship between individual and society and claim that the law, morality and reality are all unique to the inner self.

While The Quantum Police (QP) abstain from making their bodily presence known in society, they do communicate their motives via the Internet or through certain individuals who interpret their messages in various ways. In addition, QP leave behind signature traces of their existence through burnt whodunit novels. This latter action capitalizing on the idea there are multiple perspectives to any one given situation. In a recent interview, one Swedish woman—who is convinced that her purpose is to serve as a mediator of QP messages despite the fact that she deems the movement immoral—states how:

The Quantum Police dress like the normal police, but they are not and they are not there to solve crimes. They plant evidence to make the work as difficult as possible.

For the event at DKTUS, artist Per Hüttner will create a performance based on this anonymous woman’s role as a QP mediator and will include her entire transcribed interview along with videos and music played outside the gallery’s courtyard. In collaboration with Hüttner, musician and DJ, Jean-Louis Huhta will perform using a unique musical score created by Charlie White, an artist who in the late 80s developed a series of performances he called “Interviews” based on conversations with QP founder Johnny Ross. White believed that over time, Ross lost sight of the true meaning behind QP and therefore wanted to re-establish his voice as the strength of the movement. White added a soundtrack to the interviews which were then re-interpreted by a DJ as White performed wearing an LAPD uniform and using materials like glass sheets, halogen lamps and vinyl texts. During his performance, Per Hüttner will in a similar way to White, try to evoke the true voice of the woman; a voice which lies beyond the delusions that seem to color her life.

Per Hüttner is a Swedish artist who lives and works in Paris. He was trained at Konsthögskolan, Stockholm and at Hochschule der Künste in Berlin. He has shown extensively in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. Solo exhibitions include “Repetitive Time” at Göteborgs konstmuseum, “Xiao Yao You” at Guangdong Museum of Art in Guangzhou and “I am a Curator” at Chisenhale Gallery in London. Participation in group shows include The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, ICA in London and the Liverpool Biennial. Four major monographs on the artist’s work have been published recently. Hüttner is the founder and director of Vision Forum, a project-based and experimental research program without geographical location.

Jean-Louis Huhta is a composer, sound artist, musician and DJ living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. He has performed around the world with various projects and worked with several choreographers and film and theater directors. Huhta’s current projects include “The Skull Defekts”, “Dungeon Acid” and “Ocsid”. He recently did the soundtrack for Thomas Nordanstads documentary, “War Reporter.

The Quantum Police is taking place at three different locations in December and January 2010-11: Stockholm, Sweden; Wuhan, China; and Brussels, Belgium. The project investigates and brings together the known existence and traces of The Quantum Police within society through interviews, performances, writings and an exhibition. The Quantum Police is curated by Anne Klontz.

*The audience is asked to wear warm clothes and bring an umbrella in case of rain/snow as part of the performance will take place outdoors. For information contact the curator,


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