Operators and Things

A performance by Anders Enge & Stefan Tcherepnin, 19.00 March 24, 2011

A certain percentage of the population have minds so constructed that they can influence the mentality of others and dominate them. These individuals are known as operators and refer to the rest of the population as things. Upon these things they establish liens, chattels, and charters and so retain options over them. Primarily, an operator is concerned with making points. He does this usually by engaging in draws with other operators. In a draw, a group of operators are concerned with influencing the actions and thoughts of the thing. A selection of subjects is drawn up, one is chosen and each operator in turn enters and influences the thinking of the thing upon that subject. The operator who has had the greatest influence upon the thing and motivated its actions and thinking to the greatest extent wins the draw which means winning the points each operator has put up to enter the draw. When draws are questioned by operators, an authority given the authority judiciates it. An operator can influence the mentality of people by extending his concentrating powers of from a distance of one half block to two blocks. Beyond that distance he must use stroboscope (equipment) to probe, feed in thoughts, take out information, or keep a watching eye on the person. A stroboscope is effective for a distance of one mile— in a straight line.
– Barbara O’Brian, Operators and Things

Anders and Stefan employ a Yamaha FB-01 and the unique sonorities of FM synthesis as they continue their ongoing collaborative exploration of music’s outer-limits.


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