The Archive of DKTUS

Featuring Anne Warholén Sherman, Frida Yngström, Gabrielle Iwelumo, Gemma Lovett, Johan Hinders, Karin Gille, Karl Grandin, Karolina Hedstrom, Måns Nyman, Nicholas Pankhurst, Sara Lunden, Sara Wolfert and Åskar Brickman.

In the exhibition New Things Under The Sun, the artists Gabrielle Iwelumo, Gemma Lovett, Karolina Hedstrom and Nicholas Pankhurst moved parts of their personal archives to gallery DKTUS. Now DKTUS has invited a number of artists to expand the collection with personal and found items, worn out equipment and other stuff.

Opening Thursday June 16th, 5pm to 9pm

This archive will be brought up from the downstairs exibition space to create a permanent archive on the ground floor with further expansions in the future.


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