New things under the sun

A selected, shared archive of history. May 20-23, 2011.

A show with Gabrielle Iwelumo, Gemma Lovett, Karolina Hedstrom and Nicholas Pankhurst.

The archivist is a collector of histories and a lover, connoisseur and a possessor, owner of objects that hold the memories and marks of these histories.

The Archivist arranges sorts and presents these collections of moments in moments and in the presenting can distort and create with theses materials other ways of seeing these things. This can make the archivist the narrator of the story and starts to questions through memory whose story is it that being told.

The ownership of history is often possessed by the mind and is as much about itself as it is about an other. The work in this exhibition is made about these things and is about construction, distortion and ownership of the archives that are often conceived in the mind. It is displayed in this show as a wish and a need to pass on and continue the pattern of this process.

Opening on May 20, 17.00-20.00. All welcome!


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