One night when you are deep asleep, a man comes to your house and leaves a wooden leg by your doorstep, and you know nothing about it

Sunday 8 january 2012

From a paper mountain landscape to one of the oldest butleries of Stockholm, located in the underground beneath the old gardens of the Royal Palace:

“I worked for a long time to make things that had lost its mystery mysterious again. I had to go far away to do this. I had to go to a place that was not mysterious at all, so I could bring forth an urgent longing for the mysterious. I made images of the mysterious and I made it into a world of its own and I made things shimmer that were not suppose to shimmer or in fact did not shimmer at all. As I had done this, the mysterious suddenly seemed otherworldly and the shimmer redundant. So I had to make it seem as if it is nothing more than what it is, or tried to be, or possibly could be. Neither had I any wish to add anything more concrete that might be things, names of places or persons. It was hard work, but in the end there were finally nothing but lines on paper.”

Anna Hillbom (1983, Sweden)
Studied Fine Arts at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam 2007-2011
Lives and works in Amsterdam.


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