Welcome to take part in a live audiovisual performance of project STRATIC.

STRATIC explores the interplay of the sensed and the actuated in interactive media expressions, and the aesthetic properties of analogue/digital transformations formed by limitations and qualities of various forms of sensing apparatus. This time the result take the form of a hypnotic soundscape linked with an abstract animation visually controlled by the raw functionality of electronic components.

The intimate space of DKTUS will allow for close inspection of the fascinating phenomena of this particular exploration, which includes: electronic circuitry responding through a light emitting diode, interactively controlled audio through analogue synthesizers, and the brute digital/visual performance projected in physical space.

STRATIC is part of an ongoing exploration of audio-visual mappings in the context of artistic practice. The project can be read as a follow up on the Metaphone project (presented at DKTUS in 2013), in which the complexity of mapping sensor signals with machine-controlled abstract aquarelle painting was one core topic of exploration.

Tuesday June 23, 18:00-21:00.
We open the doors at 18:00 and the performance will be at 19:00.

S T R A T I C – http://stratic.net/


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