DKTUS was a platform for contemporary art and artistic research in Stockholm, active between the years 2009-2019, initiated and run by Ylva Fernaeus and friends. Our activities included research seminars, talks, workshops, film screenings, exhibitions, and other cultural events. The programme aimed to instigate dialogue on emerging cultural practices, and to encourage the exchange of ideas between international and local practitioners, and by young and established artists. An ongoing theme in our work concerned contemporary culture in the historical centre of a modern city. We also had a particular focus on interactive and electronic crafting, and also had our own experimental music studio.

Our project space was located underneath what used to be the gardens of the former royal palace. As one of the oldest maintained cellars in the old town the historic building has among other things served as a butlery, a calefactory for the police and a workshop where electrical equipment for ships was once manufactured. The space has also served as an activity centre for the youngest members of the adjacent Finnish church.

We have now left this amazing space for other adventures, but we keep the website available as an online archive.

For further information, contact info@dktus.org.


  • Contact:
    Trädgårdsgatan 4, 111 31
    Gamla Stan, Stockholm

    +46 708 763301

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