Below is a list of publications and documentations on works conducted in affiliation with dktus:

Tsaknaki, V., Fernaeus, Y., and Jonsson, M. (2015). Precious Materials of Interaction – Exploring Interactive Accessories as Jewellery Items. Nordes’15. pdf

Simbelis, V., and Lundström, A. “S T R A T I C: Performing the Sampling Rate”.  ACE conference – Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology. Iskandar, Malaysia, 2015

Šimbelis, V., Lundström, A., Höök, K., Solsona, J., and Lewandowski, V. (2014).  Metaphone: Machine Aesthetics Meets Interaction Design.  Proc. CHI’14. ACM Press, Toronto, Canada.

Fernaeus, Y., & Vallgårda, A. (2014). Ajna: negotiating forms in the making of a musical cabinet. In DIS’14. Vancouver, Canada: ACM. pdf

Jacobsson, M., Fernaeus, Y., Ljungblad, S., Cramer, H. (2013). Crafting Against Robotic Fakelore: On the Critical Practice of ArtBot Artists. AltCHI’13. link

Fernaeus, Y., Jonsson, M. and Tholander, J. (2012) Revisiting the jacquard loom: threads of history and current patterns in HCI. CHI’12. ACM.   pdf

Fernaeus, Ylva, Holopainen, J., & Bekker, M. (2010). Please enjoy!?: 2nd workshop on playful experiences in mobile HCI. MobileHCI 2011. (Hosted at dktus)

Ulla West. (2010). Vita Kuben. UKW Förlag. ISBN 97891979402

Yngström,Frida, Hedberg, Alexandr, Olsson, Angelica (eds.). (2010). Bortom Orden. KonstnärsnämndenISBN 9789163380112




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